About Us

David Sheridan is the founder and CEO of ShipMyTriBike who recently partnered with Tribike Transport to become TriBike Transport Europe. TriBike Transport Europe are now the market leading triathlon bike transportation service in Europe, transporting to date over 20,000 bikes from Ireland and UK to triathlon and cycling events across Europe.

David has always had a love for swimming, dating back to his teens when he raced both domestically and internationally, David still holds National records. Fast forward to 2019 and he has raced 8 x Full ironman 15 x 70.3 ironman and countless DoubleOlympic, Olympic and sprint events with finishes in the top 10 in his field. David is now setting his next big challenge on qualifying for the World Championships in Kona Hawaii.

When David learned of deboer wetsuits, he was compelled to get involved with the amazing company and products. Through deboerwetsuits.ie he now offers these phenomenal, top of the range, Rolls Royce of wetsuits to customers in Ireland.

deboer works with the best craftsmen in the world, using the finest quality materials and the latest technology to produce wetsuits that elevate performance, maximise body heat sustainability, and increase comfort and flexibility for peak performance.

Even in its renaissance, deboer wetsuits are quickly becoming the favorites of professional athletes around the globe. So whether you’re a pro or just want to perform like one, deboer wetsuits will provide you with the finest wetsuit ever made.

deboer is committed to the positive growth of the human spirit and the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles to endeavor to provide opportunities where athletes (whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior) are free to explore their abilities, share their experiences, learn with and from each other, and celebrate milestones and accomplishments along the way. We apply this philosophy to the entire deboer wetsuits collection.